The most beautiful buildings, such as the “Empire State”, were erected in times of ruin, depression and pessimism, thus Frame Sik International Access Floors was born at this time, paying little attention to the adversities of reality and betting on dreams.

About us

Company formed by a multidisciplinary national and international investment team, which has extensive experience in the world of raised floors and is committed to high-quality products and very competitive prices.

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Permanent stock of
tiles and pedestals

Some of our Projects

Our services

Technical advice

We help you in choosing the ideal material for each project, under the advice of our technicians.

Custom manufacturing for your project on request.

We put our factory at your disposal to customize your order with the technical characteristics or coatings that best suit your project.

High Quality Materials

In our manufacturing process we bet exclusively on high quality materials.

Respectful towards the environment.

We use environmentally friendly materials.
We have Certificates of the chain of custody system for our agglomerate and we use water-based and solvent-free adhesives.

Technical Floor in Stock

We have a wide range of products in stock, both panels, pedestals and raised floor structure


We provide you with technical sheets and texts with the specifications for the prescription of your raised access floor.


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